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Giuseppe’s Steeler Fans

“Always a Home Game”

Steeler's Award 'Always a Home Game'

We are pleased to announce that GIUSEPPE'S STEEL PIZZA was presented with this award personally signed by Art and Dan Rooney. The award is to signify Giuseppe's as one of the TOP 100 places in the country to display, support and embrace their love for the "Black & Gold" . Giuseppe's was stop # 24 of the 100 places across the country that will be visited and presented this honored award by Josh Miller and Shawn Allen. The two are also writing a book called "Always a Home Game " that will be published in August 2014 showcasing the 100 places that were chosen and visited during their journey. This is not just our award though it belongs to ALL OF YOU. This award is a testament to how great our customers and supporters are week in and week out. We appreciate all the love and loyalty you show us, so thank you from your family away from home here at the BEST DAMN STEELER HANGOUT ANYWHERE, GIUSEPPE'S STEEL CITY PIZZA.

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