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Giuseppe's "Steel Curtain" Food Challenges

Try one of the Giuseppe's "Steel Curtain" Food Challenges If you DARE!!!

The "Pittsburgher" Challenge

The Pittsburgher Challenge

One person has 30 minutes to eat:

  • The Pittsburgher Extreme which includes chips and a pickle spear.
    (see main menu for a list of all ingredients)
  • 10 buffalo wings
    (5 must be extra hot and 5 any flavor of your choice)
    (B.C. & Celery optional)
  • One slice of cheesecake with cherries.
  • One 32 oz. beverage of your choice.

The "Party Pizza" Challenge

The Party Pizza Challenge

Two people 1-hour to eat:

  • Our 28-inch 60-slice party pizza with cheese + 5 toppings of your choice.
  • A 32 oz. beverage of your choice for each person.

Food Challenge Contenders

Customers taking on our Steel Curtain Challenges, The Pittsburgher Challenge & The Party Pizza Challenge! IF you can finish your challenge in the designated time you will not be required to pay for your food challenge food and drinks, you will be awarded an “I conquered the Steel Curtain food challenge” T-shirt, receive a $25.00 Giuseppe’s Gift Card, and have your picture taken and placed on our “Wall of Fame”, for all to admire.

The Rules and Awards

  1. Depending on the challenge chosen you must eat all the food and beverage in the de­sig­nat­ed time for that chal­lenge.
  2. Time starts when the first bite or sip is taken. (a timer will be set and begin to count down)
  3. You can not leave our eyesight once the timer is started (including restroom calls) or the chal­lenge is over.
  4. If anything is shared, thrown away, re­gur­gi­tated etc. the chal­lenge is over.
  5. All food and beverage must be completely gone (wings to the bone, crusts of pizza, chips, pick­le spear, bread of sandwich, veggies from sand­wich, etc).
  6. The challenge is over when a chal­lenger com­plete­ly eats all food listed on their chal­lenge before the designated time expires on the timer, or, the challenger fails to eat all the food listed before the tim­er goes off, or, if any of the above rules are broken during the chal­lenge.
  7. If a challenger/challenger’s complete the “Steel Curtain” challenge following the above rules completely in the designated time they will not be required to pay for their food challenge food and drinks, they will be awarded a “I conquered the Steel Curtain food chal­lenge” T-shirt, receive a $25.00 Giu­seppe’s gift card, and have their picture taken and placed on our “Wall of Fame”, for all to admire.
  8. If a challenger/challenger’s fail to complete the "Steel Curtain" challenge for any reason they will be responsible for paying for each and every food and drink item on their food challenge (see menu for pricing), they will receive a “Steel Curtain Challenge conquered me” T-shirt, and their picture will be placed on our “Wall of Shame”, for all to admire.